Want the Secret to Monetizing your Message without sounding salesy?

"How To Close More Clients and Deals In As Little As 1 Minute... 

even if You Have NO Sales Experience!" 

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July 8th - July 12th 

The Secret to Success (in business and in life) is your ability to communicate your messages with Clarity and Confidence

with One Minute to Millions

 DONE FOR YOU Template and Interactive Training PLUS 
2 LIVE Zoom Trainings with Forbes Riley!

As You Can See...

Forbes Riley Has Already Helped 
Countless People Around The World...

The Question is, Are YOU Next?

What's Included...


 5 Live Trainings with Dr. Forbes Riley


Join Forbes Riley Live on Zoom for 5 Training sessions to ensure your success with the course and completion of the One Minute to Millions Template. Your success, is our success!!!

We are going to take you by the hand and get this done IN REAL TIME. 

($10,000 value)

 Step-by-Step Online Course

Your success... is our success. Forbes Riley has put together a Bootcamp where she will personally walk you through each section of how to craft your perfect pitch. She will explain the reasoning behind each step and what you need to say to have a MAXIMUM success and you will have access to a full library of online material to assist you!

($1,000 value)

The Bootcamp Workbook For Success

The key to One Minute to Millions is the STEP by STEP PROVEN system and the easy to follow road map.

Finally make your networking count, be able to close deals quickly and earn the money with your product or service THAT you deserve.

Combined with the 5 Live Training Days on Zoom, this workbook will take you through a series of exercises that will uncover key phrases to turn your message into money. 

($500 value)

The One Minute To Millions Script

You are going to get access to the EXACT script that grossed over $2.5 Billion dollars in sales. With this template you will be able to monetize your message and find confidence in your voice.

"This template is how I grossed over $2.5 Billion in sales" - Forbes Riley

($200 value)


Bring One Friend** FREE!!!

That's right! You can invite a friend, family member, or colleague to EVERYTHING for FREE... 2 access links for the price of 1!

Why? Because we are committed to helping as many people master their message and find confidence in their voice.

($11,000 value)

**To bring a friend free, they cannot already be an existing student in any of Forbes Riley's trainings**

Online Bootcamp Community

It's time to network like a pro! Not only will you be going through this journey with fellow, likeminded people...

You will have a dedicated space to connect, share, and engage with others ready to take their lives to the Next Level! 

($197 value)

Live on Zoom Pitch Showcase

Ready to showcase your new skills?

We will be doing a Pitch Showcase at the end of the bootcamp to network, share your new One Minute to Millions pitch, and so much more!!!

You are not going to want to miss out on this 🤩 

($1,000 value)

Live Prep Session with Forbes Riley

Let's start the Bootcamp off on the right foot!

To ensure you have no questions or set backs throughout the training, you can join before we start to work with Forbes Riley live...

This will be the catalyst for your success 🔥

Secrets To Monetizing Your Pitch

Finish the Bootcamp off strong with this NEW training!

Join Forbes Riley live as she shares her top secrets to monetizing your pitch. 

This will be the catalyst for your success 🔥


🔥 VIP Benefit #1: Extended Live Sessions 📚 

After each standard bootcamp training session, VIPs will enjoy an additional 60 minutes of exclusive live training with Forbes Riley. 

These additional sessions allow VIPs to dive deeper into the training and get a more thorough level of understanding and support.

No more guesswork or trial-and-error – as a VIP, Forbes will share her most effective strategies, actionable insights, and insider tips to supercharge your messaging prowess.

Receive Personal Guidance from the 
$2.5 Billion Dollar Sales Woman!

🔥 VIP Benefit #2: One-on-One Time with Forbes 🗣️ 

Work closely with Forbes Riley and get her personalized input on your pitch!

Imagine having the chance to connect one-on-one with Forbes Riley, the renowned master of pitching and messaging. As a VIP you will have the opportunity for Forbes to personally review and fine-tune your pitch, helping you craft a compelling and captivating message that truly resonates with your audience.

With Forbes' years of experience in captivating audiences and generating billions through her pitches, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise that can take your message to new heights of effectiveness and impact.

🔥 VIP Benefit #3: Access To BREAKthru 🤩 

Forbes Riley has designed BREAKTHRU and over the past 25 years, she has helped more 10,000+ people regain their life! BREAKThru Training is for ANYONE who knows they are destined for greater things but feel:

  • Stuck
  • Frustrated
  • Overwhelmed
  • Angry!

If YOU have a vision for your life... STOP and ask yourself...  why isn't it a reality?  
If YOU are someone who would LOVE to enjoy their work, their relationships, and provide for your family then... 
EXPERIENCE Forbes Riley's BREAKthru.

🔥 VIP Benefit #3: VIP Community 🤝 

Join a powerful network of like-minded VIPs!

  • Connect with individuals driven to unlock their potential.
  • Share experiences and learn from each other's successes!
  • Build valuable connections that last a lifetime.

Engage in meaningful discussions, draw upon collective wisdom, and create relationships that take your business to new heights. 

This community offers lifelong friendships, potential partnerships, and endless opportunities for growth and innovation. Embrace this extraordinary group of high-achievers and create a ripple effect of transformation together.

🔥 VIP Benefit #4: Breakout Groups 💡 

Experience intimate breakout sessions that allow you to dive deeper into the training material alongside like-minded VIP students. 

Engage in powerful breakout groups with fellow VIP students. Participate in small-group settings to thoroughly explore and apply the content, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the strategies taught.

Get valuable feedback from your peers and gain fresh perspectives, enhancing your learning experience and refining your approach in a supportive environment.

🔥 VIP Benefit #5: Guaranteed Speaking Slot In the "Millionaire Secrets Showcase" 🤩 

Pitch over 150+ People with Your New Perfected Pitch!

This is your opportunity to EASILY make your investment back...

You will be LIVE on Zoom with a fully prepared and engaged audience ready to hear and purchase your incredible offer 💪

Being a VIP guarantees you a pitching slot in 
our upcoming Millionaire Secrets Showcase!

🔥 Super Bonus: Experience Forbes Riley's BREAKthru Personal Development Workshop🤩 

Forbes Riley designed BREAKTHRU using revolutionary techniques to help over 10,000+ people regain confidence and clarity in their lives!

This workshop is for anyone who...

✅ Feel stuck in your past?
✅ Frustrated with not reaching goals?
✅ Overwhelmed by pressure?

THE BREAKThru Training is where you can achieve abundance in all areas of life

Career, Finances, Relationships, Health & Happiness.

In this live, virtual workshop Forbes Riley will bring you to peak performance, health, mindset, happiness, success and achieving your potential. 

If YOU have a vision for your life, ask yourself... 

Why Isn't It a Reality?

Usually = $997

Get Everything TODAY for Just... $100



🌟 The VIP Experience:
Unleash Your Full Potential! 🌟

As a VIP, you'll gain access to an enhanced experience that will truly elevate your journey during the bootcamp. 

For an additional $197, you'll receive all the standard bootcamp benefits plus exclusive perks tailored just for our VIPs.

And That’s Just The Beginning! 

Are you ready to…

  • Unlock a Success Driven Mindset
  • Release Limiting Beliefs that Hold YOU Back from Achieving your Goals
  • Master the Techniques of Communication to Close Prospects into Customers
  • ​Identify your Client Base and Attract REAL Leads
  • ​Record your Perfect Pitch on VIDEO and generating connections, leads, and sales while you sleep!!!

Hi! I'm Forbes Riley...

I’ve spent over 30 years mastering and perfecting the art of the pitch. My career has spanned from promoting products on infomercials, launching the cable tv platform to pitch health and fitness called, Fit-TV and decades on home shopping channels like QVC and HSN. Now I've taken all that knowledge and expertise and packaged it for YOU to experience the joy of getting people to listen and pay attention when you pitch. Its a winning formula for success and happiness.

the most common (DREADED) question 
asked in any networking situations is...

"What do you do?" 

How do you answer that question in a way it leaves the best first impression and make people want to learn more about you? 

This course will unlock the key formula to introducing yourself with ease and elegance in any situation.

Not only will you attract more leads, but prospects will be drawn to work with you!

Join me in this one-of-a-kind training...

Allow me to hold your hand throughout the process of crafting YOUR Perfect Pitch


"One Minute to Millions Is Dr. Forbes Riley's... ⬇

Best Kept Secret!"

As You Can See...

Forbes Riley Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question is, Are YOU Next?

Click The Button Below For Access...

It's time to turn YOUR Message Into Money!

Usually = $997

Get Everything TODAY For JUST... $100



Questions? We have Answers...

 Why is it only $100?

We believe in affordable education! This nominal fee ensures your participation and allows you to access this life changing knowledge without breaking the bank 🔥🔥

 When is the One Minute to Millions Bootcamp?

This 5 day live intensive bootcamp with Forbes Riley is on the following dates...

Day 1: Monday, July 8th @ 10am - 11am EST
VIP Session: @ 11am - 12pm EST
Day 2: Tuesday, July 9th @ 10am - 11am EST
VIP Session: @ 11am - 12pm EST
Day 3: Wednesday, July 10th @ 10am - 11am EST
VIP Session: @ 11am - 12pm EST
Day 4: Thursday, July 11th @ 10am - 11am EST
VIP Session: @ 11am - 12pm EST
Day 5: Friday, July 12th @ 10am - 12pm EST 
(BONUS TRAINING: Secrets To Monetizing Your Pitch)

 Can I really invite one friend for FREE?!

That is 100% correct! We encourage you to invite one friend free to join you through this bootcamp but they cannot be a previous student of Forbes Riley's Trainings.

Why? Because this will be your ultimate accountability partner allowing both of you to successfully craft your pitch and turn your message into millions! As well as introducing a new friend, family member, or college to the community. 

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

How does it work? We will give you a unique link via email when you sign up that you can share with one of your friends!

 What is the difference between "One Minute to Millions" and the "Bootcamp?"

Practice makes perfect! This Bootcamp involves hands-on training, allowing you to master the script and use it in the future for new offers or businesses ventures. We use the same award winning One Minute to Millions script but it's the 5 live interactive training days with Forbes Riley that is the real game changer here!

Note: If you have already taken the One Minute to Millions Training, the bootcamp will work for you too! 
We highly recommend it!

 Can I access the recording if I am unable to attend?


**All class recordings will be made available to you via email**

"Just Give Me 5 Days...

And I'll Show You How to
Monetize Your Message
Without Sounding Salesy"

*** PLUS, Get The Chance To Win A Free Spot To Pitch In Our "Millionaire Secret Showcase" To Over 100+ People!

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