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The One Minute to Millions Bootcamp 

What's Included...


5 Days of LIVE and 100% Interactive  Trainings with Forbes Riley

Proximity is POWER! You will have access to 5 Days and over 10 hours of  LIVE training with Queen of the Perfect Pitch, Dr. Forbes Riley.

We are going to take you by the hand and get you to Master and Monetize your message, IN REAL TIME. 

($10,000 value)

The One Minute To Millions Template

You are going to get access to the EXACT script that grossed over $2.5 Billion dollars in sales. With this template you will be able to monetize your message and find confidence in your voice.

($500 value)

Step-by-Step Online Course

Your success... is our success. Forbes Riley has put together a series of training videos and lessons where she will personally walk you through each section of the template. She will explain the reasoning behind it and what you need to say to have a MAXIMUM success.

($1000 value)

Workbook For Success

The key to making the template work is inputting the right words. Combined with the online course, this workbook will take you through a series of exercises that will uncover key phrases to turn your message into money. 

($500 value)


Bring One Friend** FREE!!!

That's right! You can invite a friend, family member, or colleague to EVERYTHING for FREE... 2 access links for the price of 1!

Why? Because we are committed to helping as many people master their message and find confidence in their voice.

($18,400 value)

**To bring a friend free, they cannot already be an existing student in any of Forbes Riley's trainings**

Exclusive Facebook Access

When it comes to PITCHING, practice makes PERFECT so we provide a Private Members on Facebook Group.   From networking to accountability partners and powerful critique, we offer a community dedicated to supporting its members.

($1000 value)

Yearlong Access To Mastermind

Welcome to Forbes Riley's Inner Circle. This is for anyone who knows they are meant for more and are ready to partner with the BEST to make it happen! You will work with Forbes live and have the opportunity to do hot seats, hear guest speakers, early access to new trainings, and so much more!!!
We meet every Wednesday @8pm (Forbes Riley LIVE) and YOU one year access! 

($1000 value)


Secrets To Monetizing Your Pitch Training

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn proven strategies and techniques from Forbes Riley, the distinguished "Queen of pitch." During this live training Forbes Riley will share how to master the art of pitching your business, product, service, or ideas and closing deals fast. This transformative class is designed to help you break through limiting beliefs and live your dreams.

($1000 value)

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Meet Dr. Forbes Riley...

Forbes spent over 30 years mastering and perfecting the art of the pitch.  Her career has spanned from pioneering infomercials, launching the cable tv platform called, Fit-TV and decades on home shopping channels like QVC and HSN. She's taken all that knowledge and expertise and packaged it in a winning formula for success and happiness called, One Minute to Millions!

The Best PITCH in the world is now working to support YOUR clients in there quest to monetize their message.

Affilliate Partners RAVE about Forbes' training and get massive Thank You's for the referral.


1 lucky winner be chosen at random to upgrade for FREE to have Forbes Riley give you the perfect pitch ($1,000 Value)

Join Us In This Unique Affiliate Prospect...



  • The One Minute to Millions DONE FOR YOU Template
  •  Admittance to Forbes Riley's One Minute to Millions" Private Facebook Group 
  • ​A fail-proof, step-by-step video training with Forbes Riley walking you through the entire process
  • Interactive Workbook
  • ​BONUS - 1 year access to Forbes Riley's Weekly Mastermind ($997 Value)

Why Forbes Riley's Show?

  • Forbes Riley is a three time recipient of ERA’s “Best Female Presenter of the Year” (2007, 2010, 2013)
  • Forbes is a regular presence on televisions worldwide as a product spokesperson and television host--appearing on such networks as ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, HSN, QVC, QVC London
  • Forbes is using a tested and proven strategy, and applies it to her radio show using interviews
  • ​Forbes way of speaking to people is full of wisdom and experiences
  • ​The "Infomercial Queen" has examples and entertaining stories drawn from her 50+ years experience in the business industry
  • ​And beyond-all is her passion for helping people and businesses


Bring a FRIEND FREE! (Wait, what??) 
Yes, you’ve read that right. 
You get to buy one and get one ticket for free!

All that and more if available to YOU, in the One Minute to Millions Training with 2 LIVE interactive Zoom calls and a value-packed step-by-step course you can implement immediately! 


Is Forbes Riley REALLY going to teach 5 Days LIVE for just $100?

YES and YES! Forbes loves teaching this training and you will have access to her live in a Zoom room - class is very interactive!

What if I can't make the virtual live trainings?

All the trainings are recorded and sent to you the following day.  We encourage you to re-watch classes and take notes as Forbes Riley tends to give students their perfect pitch on the spot...

Is this right for me?

This training is perfect for anyone who is a businesses owners, network marketer, affiliate marketer  or someone looking to start a side hustle. In order to be successful you have to know how to effectively pitch your product, service, or idea to enroll leads. 

What do you mean I get to bring a friend?

You read that right! You can grant a friend, family member, or colleague access to the entire One Minute To Millions package as long as they are not a previously registered student.

This is a great way to up-level your team or help out a friend with their business.

ENJOY and let's get going!!

 Is this the same as an Elevator pitch?

NO, this is NOT the same pitch that you're going to be giving in an elevator, when you only have 15 or 20 seconds to act. That's a whole different animal that when you meet somebody and you want them to take action, you're not going to say ALL the things that you're going to say in this script. You may use parts of it, but the elevator pitch is a whole other story. Makes sense? Alright!



  • ​Shout on Forbes Riley’s Facebook (1.8 million fans)
  • 1 x Perfect Pitch Party ticket ($197 value)
  • Your l​ogo on the Perfect Pitch Party sponsorship board
  • Your product in our Perfect Pitch Party virtual gift bag
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    • 3 x Perfect Pitch Party tickets
    • ​Appearance on Forbes Riley’s Radio Show ($2,500 value)
    • Shout on Forbes Riley’s Facebook (1.8 Million Fans)
    • ​Shoutout during the Perfect Pitch Party
    • ​Your logo on the Perfect Pitch Party sponsorship board
    • Your product in our Perfect Pitch Party virtual gift bag
    • ​Your logo promoted in our Perfect Pitch Party virtual gift bag
    • Your logo in our Perfect Pitch Party emails

    Don't Miss OUT on the PARTY! Become a sponsor today!

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